Published June 18, 2012 by kakelly0831

Summer is in full swing and I am keeping to the comfort of the AC… and am still working on getting things back on track. I have activated the 10forsummer coupon code on my Etsy shop. Use it when you are checking out to receive 10% off your entire purchase!

I recently purchased myself an iPad and am loving it!! I have downloaded my Tumblr, Etsy, and WordPress Apps so now I can work on keeping things running online while I am away from my laptop. Cell phones just aren’t meant for easily running online businesses!!

This morning I became familiar with the website Payvment.com, which I am using to set up a ‘Shop Now’ feature on my FB fan page — using Paypal, you can now make purchases directly through Facebook! I will also accept payment through check and money order, which I will post the info for as I am working on this feature this afternoon. At present, I am unable to set up a feature for credit card payments but will do so when I find a way! I will be posting again when I have all my settings taken care of.

On that note, I am also working on getting the credit card feature set up on my Etsy account!

Come and take a look at the Facebook fanpage and shop by following this link: Kathleen’s Christmas Ornaments

Come and add me as a friend on my FB accountL Kathleen’ Christmas Ornaments – the Personal Facebook Account

You can also email me at kathleenschristmas.ornaments@facebook.com.


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