Published July 16, 2012 by kakelly0831

Hello!! It’s a great feeling to know that we got through another Monday, isn’t it? Working as a background extra and working promotions have slowed down greatly for me. It was great for me to have so much free time to play but now I am becoming quite bored and and starting to realize how drastically I need to strap myself down and focus on getting my Etsy shop off the ground.

Over the weekend I compiled a list for myself of what I plan to accomplish on a weekly basis — besides blogging at least once (which I have been wanting to do anyway), I will be focusing on producing and listing a new ornament every week, finding one new place to leave business cards, and work on getting featured in blogs by other Etsians. Also, I will be delving into the Seller Handbook and reading an article every week. As part of my blog, I will be including a new item every week that I love from another Etsy seller’s shop — I have too many that I love and they most definitely need to be shared!

In addition to those, I have a rapidly growing list of items I need to work on. I began taking new photographs of my ornaments outside in my mom’s courtyard and gardens. Thanks to the sunny days, the photos are coming out great! I will finish photographing and uploading photos to my Etsy account this week. I will be getting a new banner for my shop and I am going to start playing with Craigslist to see if I can start drawing in traffic to my shop. It is time to reserve a spot at local art markets for November and December, so I will be contacting the ones I am familiar with to see what their availability is. Finally, I will be working on my packaging to make it more in line with what I want my brand presentation to be.

I will close now and return to work. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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